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Meet the horn-blowing, beat-dropping, baby-sampling, off-the-wall funk of Jonny Sonic. Taking an old family recipe, Sonic (née Rick Kowal) drops everything but the kitchen sink into the unrelenting intensity of this LP. The tunes on tap take a dip into the sonic world of Mike Patton: one listen may satisfy you for the day, week, or even month, but eventually, you'll be asking yourself what you did with that Jonny Sonic disc, because you need another fix.

The aptly titled "Cue" opens the record, dialing in the blazing horns of the Players Club (locals Kevin Seeley, Cliff Colon, Greg Koehler) and never slowing as they seamlessly traverse into "Pesos y Euros." Hip-hop, jazz, rock and funk intermingle on "In Line," an unabashed mix of video game-like riffs, thick beats and rhythmically sporadic drumming. Jonny Sonic leaves nothing out of Coop Resident, except maybe a Tylenol. Hell, Kowal even covers the Talking Heads' "Once in a Lifetime." With so many ingredients, these addicting hooks and frighteningly heavy beats prove Jonny Sonic to be the best dope pusher in town.

Benn GuerechtSeattle Sound Magazine