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Jonny Sonic is the latest project from Rick Kowal a.k.a. Switch, mad studio scientist and bassist for the band Full (perhaps the finest avant-pop chamber ensemble that the world is still catching up to). Coop Resident bursts at the seams with personality: traces of P-Funk during their rock-centered moments or Soul Coughing at their funkiest rise to the surface. Surprises are around every corner; during the head-banging "Bourbon Sass," when the fuzz guitars are at their loudest, Rick takes a moment to get in touch with his inner Squarepusher. Weirdbeat chaos ensues soon afterwards. "Dumb Day" is a paranoid breakbeat workout that would make Jack Dangers proud, shifting gears midway through for a surreal hip-hop finish. "Medicine" could damn near make a techno head out of anyone, and the Talking Heads cover is easily the most hyperkinetic version of "Once In A Lifetime" known to man. It's as if an army of guitars and sequencers did battle with a mariachi band. Somewhere on this earth, David Byrne's hearing it for the first time and saying to himself, "My God -- what have I done?" Coop Resident gets props for being eclectic without being unfocused - that's a rarity these days.

Jason SmithImpose Magazine