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Jonny Sonic mastermind Rick Kowal is all over the map, business-wise. Apart from duties in the band FULL, he composes/performs/produces commercial spots for brands as varied as BMW, Toys 'R' Us and Starbucks. Tracks of his have showed up on the Discovery Channel, the Fashion Channel and even The Real World. Unsuprisingly, Coop Resident is a jumble of seemingly disparate influences. Traces of electro, hip-hop, agro-rock and jazz pop up all over the album. That Kowal can meld them into an appealing backdrop is a testament to his ear for composition. Prominent horns drive the sweaty funk of "Pesos y Euros" while heavy drum n' bass underlie the glitches and droned vocals of "Medicine." The production pedigree doesn't carry over to the lyrical content, with the majority of tracks sporting rudimentary rhymes that rip listeners out of a toe-tapping trance. But overlooking the lyrics and the ill-advised Talking Heads cover ("Once in a Lifetime"), Coop Resident makes for an interesting alternative to Clear Channel-choked radio.

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